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EAZA Mid-year Bird TAGs Meeting

Wednesday 11 March - Saturday 14 March 2020

Welcome to Royal Burgers' Zoo

Unlike traditional zoos, Burgers’ Zoo has eco-displays, where large scale natural habitats are recreated in which animals, nature and visitors roam together. Step inside and experience the humidity, dense vegetation, smells and sounds of a real jungle (the Bush). Continue your journey through the Mexican-American rock desert (the Desert), the coral reef in the Indian Pacific Ocean (the Ocean), the plains of the savannah where the giraffes and rhinos wander (the Safari) and the Malay rainforest (the Rimba). Our youngest eco-display, the largest indoor mangrove in the world, is inspired by our nature area in Belize, which we have been managing for almost 30 years! In the Mangrove, you can discover butterflies, birds, manatees and different species of crabs. Burgers’ Zoo houses nearly 1500 birds in 75 different species.


If you have any questions or special dietary requirements, please send an email to events@burgerszoo.nl. If you have any questions about registration or payment, please contact Jorinde van Meggelen at J.vanMeggelen@burgerszoo.nl.

Optional: Birdwatching Tour Sunday 15 March 2020

Departure Burgers’ Zoo: 08.00
Return Burgers’ Zoo: 14.00

Cost: € 45,- (including bus transport, lunch, and a guided tour)
With less than 20 participants the excursion will be cancelled.
Bring binoculars, a raincoat, and good outdoor shoes.

On the bird tour, we will visit two very distinctive locations close to the city of Arnhem. Both of these areas are well-known for their variety in landscape and excellent bird-watching opportunities. A local professional ornithologist from Sovon (Centre for Field Ornithology in the Netherlands) will guide us on both locations and offers not only his professional expertise, but also his outstanding knowledge of the area. 

First of all, we will embark on an adventurous tour south east of Arnhem to explore the meadows and floodplains (locally known as the ‘uiterwaarden’ in Dutch) adjacent to the Old Rhine River. A great place to spot several species of ducks, geese, and early breeding species such as the bluethroat, common reed bunting, and the elusive Eurasian bittern. Continuing our bird tour, we will move on to explore the Deelerwoud. This 2380 hectare protected area on the Veluwe is a hidden gem tucked away between two famous, but often rather crowded, national parks (National Park De Hoge Veluwe and National Park Veluwezoom). The Deelerwoud not only consists of (mainly) pine forest, but also moorland. This variety in landscape provides for excellent breeding ground for distinctive bird species such as the great spotted woodpecker, European green woodpecker, black woodpecker, yellowhammer, European stonechat and Eurasian skylark. Furthermore, the area is home to several large mammal species, such as roe deer, red deer and wild boar. The Deelerwoud is connected to National Park Veluwezoom by means of a vast ecoduct across the highway (A50, near Terlet), allowing wildlife to pass back and forth between these two nature reserves. Joining us on the bird tour will certainly be a colourful experience as well as a great opportunity to spot several species of wildlife!



Sleeping in Arnhem? We’ve selected some accommodations for you in the vicinity of Burgers’ Zoo. With some of them we have been able to arrange a discount. Please be aware of their unique discount code and validity.

Van der Valk
Discount: € 10,00 discount per room (all types of rooms)
Discount code: ARN-EAZA (validity until 10th February 2020)
Booking: https://www.hotelarnhem.nl/acties
7 kilometres from Burgers' Zoo, but less accessible by public transport (30 minutes by bus)

Best Western Plus Hotel Haarhuis
10x Economy single bed: €100 (including breakfast)
15x Economy double bed: €115 (including breakfast)
10x Comfort twin bed: €130 (including breakfast)
20x Superior room: €155 (including breakfast)
Please mention group number: GR000263
Located in the centre of Arnhem, directly across the Central Station. 20 Minutes with bus no. 3 to Burgers’ Zoo.

Room rate single use: € 99.00 per room per night (including breakfast)
Room rate double / twin use: € 109.00 per room per night (including breakfast)
You can book a room via: HIEX Arnhem - BurgersZoo - EAZA BIRD TAG MTG
Located in the centre of Arnhem, a 10-minute walk to the Central Station. 20 minutes with bus no. 3 to Burgers’ Zoo.

Standard single room: +/- € 60 (excluding breakfast)
Standard double room: +/- € 75 (excluding breakfast)
Only 4 kilometres from Burgers' Zoo, but less accessible by public transport.

+/- € 68,00 per room (2 single beds) per night, incl. breakfast.
20 minute walk from Burgers’ Zoo. Or 12 minutes with bus line no. 3

Click here for more information regarding accommodations in Arnhem.


Burgers’ Zoo can be found at the Antoon van Hooffplein 1 in Arnhem. We are easily accessible by public transport. Bus line 3 stops at the zoo entrance every 15 minutes. However, should you decide to drive, you’ll find plenty of parking opportunity.

Parking fee is included with you registration. If you're looking for navigation instructions you can check our travel planner page.

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