European Union of Aquarium Curators

From 23 till 27 Octobre 2017

Autumn 2017 Royal Burgers' Zoo will organize the 32nd European Union of Aquarium Curators (EUAC) Conference 2017! The EUAC Conference is the biggest biannual gathering of European public aquarium professionals.

Burgers' Zoo 

Burgers’ Zoo is a very modern zoo, where you can explore areas of nature from all over the world. In a forest-rich area north of Arnhem visitors can enjoy animals and plants in a habitat that is shaped closest to their natural living ecosystem. The total area of 45 hectare has been conveniently arranged into living ecosystems according to specific themes. On your visit you get acquainted with the tropical rain forest, the rock desert, the tropical coral reefs, the East African savannah and the tropical mangroves in a very impressive way. 

Home of the world's second largest artificial coral reef

From the tropical beach we take you via the lagoon to the depths of the tropical Coral Sea. You take a dry plunge into the deep, past colourful coral fish, amazing muray eels and awe-inspiring sharks. Next to the artificially shaped corals you will also find a large living coral reef at Burgers’ Ocean. Thanks to the successful coral breeding behind the scenes, the large coral reef is getting more and more impressive with respect to the beauty of colour and the richness of the various species. Thousands of the smaller animals like sea anemones, crabs, snails, shrimp and star fish play an important role in the system. You end your diving adventure underneath the landing stages of the harbour, where graceful rays swim above you.


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