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Park overview

Park overview

Map of the park


Pets are not allowed

Unfortunately dogs and pets are not allowed in the park.



With the opening of Burgers' Kids Jungle, a completely covered playground in the form of a South and Central American jungle village consisting of pile dwellings. With the design we did not just think of the small and large kids, but also of the parents and grandparents. So come and enjoy some quite adventurous play fun and delicious fresh dishes to conclude your pleasant and relaxing day!

Next to the outside playground, there is a big playground outside.





At Burgers' Zoo you will find four restaurants with a theme: the Bush Restaurant (tropical kitchen), the Desert Restaurant (Texan-Mexican kitchen), the Park Restaurant (Dutch kitchen) and the Safari Restaurant (African kitchen). In addition there are various smaller and larger snack shops spread out over the park.




Children's buggies are available for hire for €1.00 plus €4.00 deposit returned when the buggy is brought back.

Burgers' Zoo does not have any carts for hire.


Disabled Parking Area

Disabled Parking Area

Our car park has a special area designed for disabled visitors. To reach this area you need to follow the wheelchair signs. At the top of the lane you can get out and park your car at one of the special parking places (indicated by a wheelchair logo). A blue badge is not required.


Taxibus- and wheelchair bus drivers may use the parking area designed for disabled visitors. At the top of the lane your clients may get off the bus so they won’t be bothered by the ramp. You are urgently requested not to do so directly in front of the entrance as the slope there is rather steep which would be demanding for the carers. The driver can collect a parking coin at the cash desk.

Planning to visit our park with a group of disabled people? Then please announce your visit via receptie@burgerszoo.nl.  



Some scootmobiles are available at Burgers' Zoo. Hire is €50,00 of which €45,00 (deposit) is refundable. Pushchairs are also available, and can be used with a €2,- coin, just like a shopping cart system. Both types of chairs need to be reserved in advance by telephone via 026 – 445 0373.

Wheelchair route in the park

A special wheelchair route is available at  the cash desk as well as at the entrance of the park. This is the most convenient route for wheelchair users.

Assistance dogs are allowed

Dogs are not allowed to enter our park – with the sole exception of specially trained dogs that assist disabled people, e.g. guide dogs for the blind or other assistance dogs. Consulting the reception prior to your visit is obligatory.

Disabled toilet facilities

Toilets for the disabled are located at the entrance of the park, in the Bush Restaurant, the Desert Restaurant and in the Park Restaurant near the playground.


Push-bikes are only allowed in our park in case of medical necessity. Please contact the Reception prior to your visit. A medical certificate written by a doctor is advisable.

Burgers' Zoo retains the right te refuse the use of a push-bike in the park.

Blind and visually impaired

A braille translation of the zoo guide is available at the cash desk. Five copies of this braille translation are available, and each translation consists of four books. Use of a braille translation is free of charge, we do require a deposit.