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Penguin day out

Penguin day out

We have carefully compiled the perfect day out at Burgers’ Zoo. Booking the Penguin day out makes your visit extra special.

The Penguin day out includes:

Access to Burgers' Zoo.

Arrival between 09:00 and 11:00 in the Park Restaurant with coffee, tea and apple pie.

Lunch with luxurious sandwiches, a freshly baked muffin, a free-range croquette with bread, juices and fruit at 12:30 in the Bush Restaurant. Coupons towards a portion of freshly baked fries and a drink of your choice in the Park Restaurant or the Bush Restaurant for when you have finished your tour of the zoo. A Livingstone style tropical hat as a reminder of your day out at Burgers' Zoo!




Children 0 - 3

€19.50 p.p.

Children 4 - 9

€29.95 p.p.


€39.95 p.p.

The Penguin day out can be booked for groups from 10 to max 35 people. The day out can be booked up to one week in advance. Make sure you book on time because bookings are taken according to availability.

Regular entrance to the zoo is free of charge for children up to the age of 3. Please state on the form whether you wish to take them into account for the Penguin day out. Experiences must be booked a minimum of one week in advance.



Contact details
Information of your visit
Group composition
Children from 0 t/m 3 have free entree
Business guest

Business guest

In a beautiful location at the centre of the zoo in Arnhem, Burgers' Zoo, you will find the Safari Meeting Centre. The entrance of this modern congress centre built in an African style is in the covered tropical rain forest, Burgers' Bush. Upon their arrival all your guests will have already enjoyed a diversified walk. Also the tropical coral reef, Burgers' Ocean, with its eight million litres of water and the rock desert, Burgers' Desert, are within a walking distance of only a few minutes. The breath-taking view of the East-African Savannah, Burgers' Safari, completes the experience. Your guests will not easily forget this impressive experience!

Send an email or call 026-3537201 for any questions about our business opportunities in Burgers' Zoo.

Dinner possibilities

Dinner possibilities

Do you have something to celebrate or would you like to enjoy a special dinner in a unique environment after your meeting? Burgers' Zoo offers many possibilities to receive you and your guests in an original and surprising manner.

The various dinner possibilities have been organised by location. For example, at the Desert Grill Party the emphasis is placed on grilling your steak on the Desert Grill and at the Bush Buffet a tropical hot and cold dinner buffet will be ready for your guests.

Send an email or call 026-3537201 for any questions about dinner in Burgers' Zoo.



Guided tours

Guided tours

For many years we have been offering guided tours round Burgers' Zoo. A small fee of 30 euros is requested for these tours.

The guides have been specially trained. As there is a large demand for the tours, it is advisable to submit a request for a group tour well in advance.

For more information about these tours, call the Sales department, telephone: +31 (0) 26-3537201 (available during weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.).


Combi-deals in our restaurants

Combi-deals in our restaurants

The Bush, Safari and the Park restaurants all offer combination deals. Combi-deals cannot be booked in advance and can only be ordered on the day in the restaurant in question.

There are general combi-deals available in all three restaurants, but each restaurant also has its own combi-deal according to the restaurant’s theme.



Coffee/tea and apple pie

Chocolate milk/Fruit milk with muffin 





Park Restaurant
Family Deal: 
- 4 times fries
- 4 times a crocket
- 4 keersoda of choice

Classic hamburger with fries and soda of choice



€ 9,75