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Penguin day out

We have carefully compiled the perfect day out at Burgers’ Zoo. Booking the Penguin day out makes your visit extra special.

The Penguin day out includes:

1. Access to Burgers' Zoo.

2. Arrival between 09:00 and 11:00 in the Park Restaurant with coffee, tea and apple pie.

3. Lunch with luxurious sandwiches, a freshly baked muffin, a free-range croquette with bread, juices and fruit at 12:30 in the Bush Restaurant.

4. Coupons towards a portion of freshly baked fries and a drink of your choice in the Park Restaurant or the Bush Restaurant for when you have finished your tour of the zoo.

5. A small Burgers' gift as a reminder of your day out at Burgers' Zoo!


Children 0 - 3

€22,50 p.p.

Children 4 - 9

€35,00 p.p.


€45,00 p.p.

Regular entrance to the zoo is free of charge for children up to the age of 3. Please state on the form whether you wish to take them into account for the Penguin day out. Experiences must be booked a minimum of one week in advance. The Penguin day out can be booked for groups from 10 to max 35 people. Make sure you book on time because bookings are taken according to availability.

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Children from 0 t/m 3 have free entree

Important information

In our park we take various measures to guarantee the appropriate distance of 1.5 meters. For example, we use a maximum number of visitors per day. In order to safeguard this maximum, it is necessary that all visitors (including subscribers) reserve online access to the park in advance.

Due to the new measures, Burgers' Zoo will be closed from 5 to 18 November.