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General terms and conditions online tickets

The online tickets for Royal Burgers' Zoo are sold by Ticketcounter BV. Here are Ticketcounter BV's general terms and conditions.

  • Ticketcounter functions in this transaction as a service provider for the organisation or event location respectively, for which you purchase an e-ticket or tickets. The General Terms and Conditions of the organisation or event location concerned subsequently apply (you can request these from the organisation/event location), to which you agree upon effecting this transaction. Ticketcounter excludes responsibility and liability in any shape or form.
  • The consumer is aware that e-tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. In addition, e-tickets cannot be paid out in cash, nor can the validity of the e-tickets be extended or adjusted. The consumer is aware that e-tickets become invalid once the date of validity has expired.
  • The e-tickets may not be folded or damaged in any other way. This is at the risk of the consumer. One may be refused admission if an e-ticket is damaged and the consumer will not in any case be entitled to restitution or replacement.
  • An e-ticket only provides admission to the location once; it is useless to make copies or to print the e-ticket more than once.
  • Additional promotions and/or discounts do not apply to this ticket.