The largest indoor mangrove in the world

Access to another world

Access to another world

In the future, visitors will enter the Mangrove through a darkened tunnel, similar to the current access tunnel to the Bush. In the tunnel, visitors will find a recreation of the ranger station occupied by our park rangers in Belize. We will take them on a journey to another world, both literally and figuratively: when they exit the tunnel, they should feel as though they are actually in Belize. Once their eyes have adapted to the light, they will find themselves in a small square surrounded by Belizean houses: a small, authentically styled fishing village bordering the mangrove. After an adventurous walk through the Mangrove, visitors will leave the area through the tunnel again, encountering a variety of audiovisual information on the other side about our nature conservation project in Belize. 

Stef van Campen Written by: Stef van Campen Ontwerper

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