Brooding successes at the birds house

Brooding successes at the birds house

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

This year the bird keepers at the bird house have witnessed quite a few brooding successes. A young couple of vultures that were put together only last year, had a chick this spring. The chick is coming on very well, but will remain quiet and peacefully behind the screens for some time.

The spoonbills as well as the mask lapwings have hatched several chicks. There is always much ado around the Patagonian rock parakeets, but now more than ever since there are a few more hatchlings to feed! At this very moment rose-breasted cockatoos, chestnut-backed thrushes and mangrove herons have fledged. The flamingos have had several hatchlings and there are probably more to come as some couples are still brooding. To top it all we also hope for another success with the griffon vultures, of which we have already spotted the first young.

Dikbek Afbeelding


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