Burgers' Kids Jungle!

Burgers' Kids Jungle!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Burgers' Kids Jungle is a completely covered playground in the form of a South and Central American jungle village consisting of pile dwellings. With the design we did not just think of the small and large kids, but also of the parents and grandparents. So come and enjoy some quite adventurous play fun and delicious fresh dishes to conclude your pleasant and relaxing day!

Adventurous and safe for the children…
Burgers' Kids Jungle has the capacity to have 300 children play at the same time! They can play at the different levels and special attention was given to areas for large and for small children with the design. The flooring has been designed to look like an ocean with islands, filled with crocodiles and other exciting obstacles. To make sure there is no danger of getting soaking wet, everything was artificially imitated and no real water or sand was used. The special synthetic flooring has a spring-like effect, so falling children won't get jolted too much. The children's safety naturally came first with the design, which has been tested and approved by an independent inspector.

…and practical and comfortable for the (grand)parents! Also parents were thought of: especially the sound absorption was given a lot of attention. In addition, father, mother, grandfather and grandmother are able to overlook everything quite well from the adjacent terrace, not allowing the children to wander through the park unnoticed as both the entrance and the exit to the playground are on the terrace. Via handy wooden bridges the (grand)parents can view the children from up close quite well without having to climb the rope ladders themselves!

Extra independent of the weather For years Burgers' Zoo has been well armed against bad weather with the entirely covered Bush, Desert, Ocean and Mangrove. In addition, in sections of the park where animals live in the open air, we also have considered bad weather conditions in many places. For example, with bad weather you can walk mostly dry across the wooden walking bridge in the Safari and you can view many animals from close up at their indoor habitats in the Rimba. However, up to now the children could not spend their energy when it snowed, rained or hailed outside. With the arrival of Burgers' Kids Jungle this is now permanently a thing of the past!



Delicious fresh dishes daily for the entire family! Burgers' kids Jungle is adjacent to the Park Restaurant. Here you can not only enjoy fresh pizzas, pastas, French fries and pancakes for the entire family every day, but also surprising salads, richly filled sandwiches, soups and fresh fruit juices. Something for everyone! While the children enjoy playing at the Kids Jungle, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the end of your enjoyable day. Have fun!




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