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GlobeGuards: joining forces for nature conservation

GlobeGuards: joining forces for nature conservation

Friday, 27 September 2019
GlobeGuards: joining forces for nature conservation

Fortunately, many people are committed to the protection of animals and the preservation of nature. Often an encounter with an animal species, a special experience on holiday or attending a fascinating presentation by a nature conservationist touches these people in such a way that they want to dedicate themselves. They put their money where their mouth is, set up foundations and work hard to make a real difference for ‘their’ animal species or 'their’ nature reserve. GlobeGuards is an umbrella foundation that helps to join forces and offers a platform for exchanging experiences.

A diverse group of people

In 2001, a diverse group of people, varying in age, background and approach, united in a new foundation, initially called the Federation for International Nature Conservation (FIN), a name which was later changed to GlobeGuards. Among the GlobeGuards members are, for example, nature conservation projects run by Dutch people in a remote corner of the globe and organisations that only focus on publicising and raising funds for projects run by others. The spectrum of animal species and areas that benefit from the efforts of these passionate GlobeGuard members is also fascinating. From the Galápagos giant tortoise to cheetahs, and elephants in Sri Lanka, from whales in the Azores to vultures in Europe. There are currently 21 GlobeGuard members!

Strength in numbers

The diversity of the GlobeGuards members is precisely why they work so well together. Everyone commits their expertise. While at the biannual meeting, one member reports on a strategically ingenious way of organising anti-poaching patrols, another will be able to explain how to use social media best to attract more donors, and a third member will share his or her valuable knowledge on certain EU subsidies or other funds that can be applied for. All GlobeGuards find the meetings empowering, and they appreciate that while they are unique, they are not alone.  Working to protect nature reserves and animal species is not always an easy task!

GlobeGuards and Burgers’ Zoo

Burgers’ Zoo is keen to support nature conservationists and small-scale organisations that know how to achieve a lot through passion and perseverance. It will therefore not surprise you that the three nature conservation foundations Burgers’ Zoo is involved with—ITCF Netherlands (our Belize project), the well-known  Future For Nature and the Lucie Burgers Foundation—are all members of GlobeGuard. Most GlobeGuard meetings take place at Burgers’ Zoo's Safari meeting centre Burgers’ Zoo also facilitates the large annual auction on 4 October of special nature experiences for GlobeGuards and their members. If you want to find out more about the GlobeGuards members, visit www.globeguards.nl!


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