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For over 26 years Royal Burgers' Zoo maintains a large nature reserve with a tropical forest, lagoons and mangroves in the northern part of Belize.  

Endangered bird species now in the Bush

As of recently a very rare bird species lives in the Bush, the Blue-crowned Laughingthrush. By managing (endangered) bird populations in zoos, we can ensure that we do not have to remove animals from...

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Burgers' Dierenpark

Upon entering Burgers' Zoo, your travels start at the penguins' section of the park. There is always something afoot at the approximately 60 black-footed penguins at Burgers' Zoo. Walking further into the park you will pass the elephants, the meerkats and the caribous on your way to the aviary. Among the primates in this section of the park you will find gorillas and chimpanzees.

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Burgers' Safari

Your visit to Burgers' Safari brings you to the cheetahs and the lion family, which you can view from a wooden observation cabin. However, you will also walk past a watering place for the animals, where, with a little luck, the white rhinoceros will quench his thirst.

Before your eyes unfolds the savannah landscape, where large groups of giraffes, zebras and antilopes, such as waterbucks, kudus and gnus, live. The enormous mass of rocks on the edge of the savannah is known in Africa as a 'kopje'. Between these rocks on an extensive terrace you can enjoy the view across the savannah, while you relish African dishes and drinks. 

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Burgers' Desert

Your travels have now brought you to the Sonora and Mojave deserts of Arizona and the north of Mexico. Depending on the season it can be either burning hot or icy cold. The plant growth will tell you that little rain falls here: cacti, agaves, yuccas and small-leaf trees and bushes try to evaporate as little water as possible.

In this rocky landscape reside many colourful song birds and turkey vultures, but you will also find burrowing peccaries, bighorns chewing the cud and bobcats lying in wait. On your travels you will see canyons, dry river beds, inclines of erosion debris and dark caverns: a world filled with venom, where also rattle snakes, scorpios and Gila monsters feel at home!



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Burgers' Mangrove

In the tropics are mangroves, which are special because the tides regularly provide this part of nature with salty seawater. These woods, which are flooded with salt water, are called mangroves. The trees and plants growing here are rooted in brackish water and therefore have to possess special characteristics to survive in this situation.

In mangroves many species of fish are born and, just like innumerable invertebrates, live between the characteristic air roots, knee roots and other breathing roots. This biological wealth in turn attracts other animal species. In Burgers' Mangrove you can therefore also find snake birds, mangrove herons, river turtles and sail-finned lizards.


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Burgers' Rimba

Burgers' Rimba offers a trip through the Malaysian tropical rain forest! In this brand new project we take you through an area of nature that has a wealth of animal species. The Malay sun bears can actively look for tasty bites, while the siamangs and pigtail macaques curiously explore their surroundings. Close to them you will see various deer and bantengs, the impressive Asian bovines.

While you follow the path, you go underground where you encounter pythons and monitor lizards. Once above-ground again curious langurs and gibbons swing in the trees. Then ... suddenly you face a tiger! A trip that takes you through a new world filled with surprising discoveries. 

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Burgers' Bush

Here you enter the colourful world of the tropical rain forest. The humid heat, dense plant growth, smells and sounds will make you blink your eyes. Quickly you will notice that all around you animals live in freedom!

Like a true explorer you will unravel the secrets of this world during this adventure. Good detectives discover colourful birds, lizards and even kalongs. Across from the large waterfall the manatees as well as the capybaras and aardvarks will not pass you by unnoticed. Burgers' Bush is a true paradise for adventurers and photographers!

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Burgers' Ocean

Let's dive! In an imaginary wetsuit you leave a tropical beach and start exploring the lagoon. Hundreds of colourful fishes greet you. A little deeper you encounter a giant coral reef with large murene fish, spotted sweet lips and groupers. Countless lower animals, like corals, sponges, sea anemones, sea urchins and sea cucumbers live here.

In addition many schools of fish that look for their food or shelter around the reef swim here. A little further awaits the dark depths, where coral devils live. Barely recovered from all these impressions, you suddenly are at the edge of the coral reef and look into the depth of the immeasurable ocean. Sharks disappear as quickly as they appear. You conclude your dive at the rocky coastland, where stingrays and spotted eagle rays swim right over you.



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