A Bongo has been born

A Bongo has been born

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

In Burgers’ Zoo a bongo has been born. It is the first young of our still young female. The mother is extremely alert and guards her new born sharply. The young bongo has been chipped and vaccinated. It proves to be a male. Mother and young bongo, together with the father, can be seen in the outdoor enclosure where it usually lies quietly at the same place. The mother feeds her young several times per day.

Bongos are African antelopes that live in dense tropical rain forests. When in danger they flee into the dense woods, while they tilt their horns on their neck so they won’t get entangled in the dense undergrowth. Very striking are the ears of the young bongo which are very big in relation to the rest of its body.

Bongo Afbeelding


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