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Guided tours

A guided tour is the ideal way of experiencing more than just a on an normal visit to the zoo. Our well-trained volunteer zoo guides take you on an expedition. Not all of our guides speak English  perfectly, but they are certainly easy to understand! Tours last approximately 75 minutes and should be booked two weeks in advance.

The group size is limited to a maximum of 16 people per guide.

Your zoo guide decides – consider among others the crowdedness and the weather, which areas are visited. Guided tours stay in the normal visitor area and do not get a view backstage.


Burgers' Highlights

Animals from at least two different ecodisplays were visited during these tours. Together with the zoo guide you will see the youngest inhabitants of the zoo, newly opened enclosures or an interesting, newly arrived species. Of course, we also make a short excursion into the rich history of the park . This is an ideal tour for everyone who wants to get to know our zoo in a nutshell. If one or more animal species are of special interest to your group, please indicate this in the registration form – we will try to take your wishes into account!

Family celebrations with the animals

This guided tour is especially made for groups of different ages like family celebrations or other similar occasions. Together with a guide you will explore how animals live together: in a family, a harem, or a herd? In which animals a fair distribution of tasks is given when raising offspring? Which animals grow up with only one parent and which must grow up without the help of mother or father? We will see examples of strict and less strict parents and offspring, which is able to run, swim or climb and some that are helpless in the very beginning. Explore in this sociable walk through at least two ecodisplays, which member of your family is like which animal.

Ecodisplays under the magnifying glass

Burgers’ Zoo recreates for 30 years small ecosystems, the ‘ecodisplays’. This guided tour is made for anyone, who is interested in more than is written on the signs and wants to get insights into things, that are normally not possible to experience. With a guide you will explore two ecodisplays and get to know, what our biologists, technicians, animal keeper and educational team thought while planning. You will learn, why certain animal species are in the collection and why some are not, what had to be considered while building different habitats and which technical tricks we used, so the visitor feels like he is really in a rainforest. To conclude: a guided tour, which also can surprise reals Burgers’ Zoo fans!

Practical information

Logically, to take part in a guided tour, one must own a valid ticket for the entry of the zoo.

The maximum group size is currently 16 persons per zoo guide. Each zoo guide costs 35 euros. From each guided tour, 10 euros is spent on our nature reserve in Belize. The remaining amount goes to the foundation of the volunteers of Burgers‘ Zoo and thus benefits nature conservation education.


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Guided tours must be requested at least four weeks before the visit

The duration of the tour is approximately 75 minutes