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Park regulations



The instructions of the parking guards must be followed at all times. This only serves you and your fellow visitors. The fire department's regulations or instructions from external services or employees of the park must be followed at all times. Making a fire is prohibited. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the buildings. Visitors are required to use the indicated paths during their stroll through Burgers’ Zoo. Regretfully dogs and other pets are not welcome at Burgers’ Zoo. Not only could many pets spread diseases among our animals, but our animals could also transfer diseases to your pets. After all pets can chase and/or attack our animals. We only make exceptions for specially trained dogs that are used to guide the disabled, such as seeing-eye dogs and Stichting Hulphond dogs. You are required to check with the reception of Burgers' Zoo regarding this. Use of items from home (such as balls, skates, bicycles, etc.) is not permitted at Burgers’ Zoo. These items must be left behind in the car. Possession and carrying of fire arms or objects that constitute danger (like fireworks) are prohibited during the visit to the park. Employees of Burgers’ Zoo are authorised to confiscate these weapons and objects and to remove the owner(s) from the park. The wilful making of noise and audible use of radios or other sound equipment is not permitted. In case of wilful noise the park employees are authorised to confiscate the sound equipment.


Burgers’ Zoo is open every day of the year from 9.00 a.m. From March through October the park closes at 6.00 p.m. From November through February the park closes at 5.00 p.m. Some departments close sooner in connection with work, safety and rest for the animals. Entrance to Burgers’ Zoo is only permitted with a valid entrance ticket, which is only valid on the day of purchase or with a valid entrance pass. The entrance ticket must be shown to one of our ticket inspectors upon entering the zoo. You must have the entrance ticket with you during your visit and be able to show it to one of our employees upon request. When you leave Burgers’ Zoo your right to entrance to the zoo is cancelled. Only in special cases, which have to be discussed with one of our ticket inspectors, will you be able to re-enter the zoo. When one of our employees notices that visitors are either under the influence of alcohol or drugs or do in any other way cause a disturbance and/or disturb other visitors or bother the animals, entrance to the park will immediately be refused or these people will be removed from the park.


Because many young children visit our zoo, smoking is prohibited in all covered areas of the park, including the Park Restaurant's outdoor terrace that borders the playground.Designated smoking areas can be recognised by the ashtray tiles in which you may deposit your cigarette butts.


Waste must be deposited in the intended waste baskets. You will find these waste baskets throughout the entire park. The employees of Burgers’ Zoo try to keep the park as clean as possible. We hope we can count on your cooperation.

Reports of damage

Burgers’ Zoo is maintained as well as possible. Still it may occur you come in contact with matters that are less pleasant. Should this be the case, then we ask you kindly to report this directly to one of the managers or to the board of directors. If you yourself accidentally cause damage, you should, of course, also report this before you leave the park. Burgers’ Zoo does not accept any liability for any damage whatsoever suffered by a visitor, unless this damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence by Burgers’ Zoo or one of its employees. Liability for other damages is therewith emphatically ruled out. Should you have suffered damages during your visit to the zoo, then we kindly request that you also report this before your departure. Burgers’ Zoo is no longer liable for damages when they get reported after leaving the zoo or the parking area.


The same public road traffic regulations apply in the parking area of Burgers’ Zoo. The maximum speed on the grounds is 10 km per hour and cars coming from the right must be given the right-of-way. You should follow the instructions of our parking guards at all times. It is not permitted to park your car in a different place than the parking guards have indicated. Should you not or not correctly follow the traffic regulations and/or instructions of our parking guards, Burgers’ Zoo will be authorised to remove your car from the grounds at your risk and costs.

Burgers’ Zoo recommends that you carefully lock your car. Please make sure your windows are closed tightly as well. Do not leave any valuables behind in your car. Burgers' Zoo does not accept any liability in case of theft or damages. This also applies if the damage is caused by a storm, fire, hail, explosion or any other exceptional circumstances. Parking your car in the parking area or outside the park (Cattepoelseweg, Deelenseweg, Schelmseweg etc.) is at your own risk.

Animals and plants

It is not permitted to feed the animals in any way. All animals have a balanced diet to keep them healthy. In addition, Burgers’ Zoo tries to show the animals in their most natural habitats as much as possible. This includes feeding by anyone other than their caretakers. It is not permitted to bother the animals in any way. It is not permitted to pull on the plants. Visitors must follow the indicated paths. This means that also in the covered sections of the park, like the Bush, the Desert, the Ocean and the Mangrove you are to stay on the indicated paths.

First Aid / In-house Emergency Assistance

Burgers’ Zoo always has a number of certified First Aid and In-house Emergency Assistants available. Should an accident or calamity occur, you must always follow the instructions given to you by the employee(s) concerned. Should you notice an accident or calamity, never directly call the alarm number 112, but please contact the external alarm number of the reception of Burgers’ Zoo (026 - 354 78 79) as quickly as possible Everywhere in the park you will find In-house Emergency Assistance Alert signs with the above mentioned alarm number and a site code. By providing this site code the Emergency Services will know how to find the exact location of the incident as quickly as possible. You can also warn an employee of Burgers’ Zoo if you see one. Every department has mobile telephones available and the various departments in the park also have internal telephones. The employee of Burgers’ Zoo can contact the reception desk or call a First Aid or in-house emergency assistant.

Photo, film and television

Photographing and filming is permitted at Burgers’ Zoo, however only for personal use. Publication of images and/or sound material is prohibited, unless written permission from the Board of Directors of Burgers’ Zoo has been obtained. Regularly photograph and film sessions for television and other media organisations take place at Burgers’ Zoo. These sessions never take long. Should you not want to be photographed or filmed, we kindly advise you to avoid the locations where you see a photography or film crew at work. Burgers’ Zoo always reserves the right to use this material for publication.


Children from zero to twelve years and youths from twelve to sixteen years old are not allowed to visit the park without supervision. In case of problems they will be removed from the park immediately. All parents and adults accompanying children or groups are responsible for those who visit the zoo under their supervision. Parents and supervisors, or the organisation concerned, are liable for the damages that are caused by the people entrusted to them.

Promotion and sales

The process of promoting or selling services and/or articles from the parking area, in front of the main entrance and in the park itself is not permitted without written permission from the Board of Directors.


The park employees are authorised to remove people from the park, who are resisting or not adhering to the zoo rules, without giving the person being removed any recourse.

Important information

In our park we take various measures to guarantee the appropriate distance of 1.5 meters. For example, we use a maximum number of visitors per day. In order to safeguard this maximum, it is necessary that all visitors (including subscribers) reserve online access to the park in advance.

Due to the new measures, Burgers' Zoo will be closed from 5 to 18 November.