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If you have mobility problems, please consider that the Arnhem landscape is hilly compared to the rest of the Netherlands. Pushing a wheelchair up and down the paths in our park can be very heavy going. If you have an electric wheelchair, we advise you to bring it with you. 

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Burgers‘ Zoo has several wheelchairs and mobility scooters available for rent. A mobility scooter costs €50, of which €45 is a deposit which is refunded if there are no defects upon return. Mobility scooters are only rented out to people over 18 who require one for medical reasons or old age and cannot visit the park without aid. Due to the hilly terrain, our mobility scooters are suitable for people up to 120 kg.
We also have push wheelchairs available for people aged six and up. You can rent one using a €2 coin (supermarket trolley system). Both options can be booked by phone if available—call 026 442 4534.



Disabled parking area

Our car park has a special area designed for disabled visitors. To reach this area you need to follow the wheelchair signs. At the top of the lane you can get out and park your car at one of the special parking places (indicated by a wheelchair logo). A blue badge is not required.

Disabled toilets

Toilets for the disabled are located at the entrance of the park, in the Bush Restaurant, the Desert Restaurant and in the Park Restaurant near the playground.


Taxibus- and wheelchair bus drivers may use the parking area designed for disabled visitors. At the top of the lane your clients may get off the bus so they won’t be bothered by the ramp. You are urgently requested not to do so directly in front of the entrance as the slope there is rather steep which would be demanding for the carers. The driver can collect a parking coin at the cash desk.

If you plan to visit our zoo with a group of people with a disability, please send an application to receptie@burgerszoo.nl.



If so required, you can rent a cart for a child at the ticket office by the entrance. These carts can be pulled by hand (please note: these carts are not buggies). We only have a few, and they cannot be reserved. You can rent a cart for 2 euros with an 8 euros deposit which you will receive back upon return of the cart.


Push Bikes

Push-bikes are only allowed in our park in case of medical necessity. Please contact the Reception prior to your visit. A medical certificate written by a doctor is advised.

Burgers' Zoo retains the right te refuse the use of a push-bike in the park.

Balance bikes for children

Burgers’ Zoo is situated on hilly terrain and going downhill on a balance bike can be very dangerous. Therefore, balance bikes are not allowed into the zoo. The employees at the entrance will put the bike into storage, and you can pick it up on your way out. Ideally, it would be best if you left it at home.