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Burgers' Park Burgers' Park

Burgers' Park

Charismatic mammals such as elephants, panthers, gorillas, chimpanzees, forest reindeer, lemurs and coatis live here in natural-looking, wooded enclosures. This area is also home to bird species such as penguins, flamingos, keas and hornbills.

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Burgers' Safari Burgers' Safari

Burgers' Safari

The East African savannah is the natural habitat of giraffes, wildebeest, waterbuck, horses, antelope, oryx and rhinoceroses, with lions and cheetahs lurking in the tall grass.  The characteristic round rock formations are known as “kopjes”.

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Burgers' Desert Burgers' Desert

Burgers' Desert

The rocky American desert is a surprisingly versatile landscape, characterised by canyons, screes, dry riverbeds, giant cacti and impressive rock formations. In nature, the desert only really comes to life at night.

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Burgers' Mangrove Burgers' Mangrove

Burgers' Mangrove

The mysterious world of the tropical saltwater mangrove protects the coastline from the violence of ocean storms and is where many fish and bird species mature until adulthood. Our Mangrove focuses on Belize, in Central America.

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Burgers' Rimba Burgers' Rimba

Burgers' Rimba

Larger species from the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia often live here together in vast enclosures: tigers, bears, monkeys, deer, cattle, snakes and monitor lizards. The vegetation largely consists of hardy Asian look-a-likes.

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Burgers' Bush Burgers' Bush

Burgers' Bush

The tropical rainforest, with its humid, pleasantly warm climate, has a huge diversity of plant and animal species. A good detective can discover life all around—on the forest floor, at eye level and even up in the treetops.

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Burgers' Ocean Burgers' Ocean

Burgers' Ocean

The tropical coral reef of the Indo-Pacific region is home to a wealth of species. Visitors travel down from the tropical beach, through the lagoon, past the reef, right down to the open sea—a colourful world of corals, sharks and rays.

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