Our aim is that after an unforgettable day at our park everyone should be able to afford a souvenir. All our souvenirs are reasonably priced, and we have a wide range of items between one and five euros.

As for the interior of the shop, we have extended the African atmosphere of the Safari and paid extra attention to space for our guests to move around in. Highlights include a life-size giraffe in the middle of the shop, lamps made of fishing nets and baskets of recycled tires.

Own products

We strive to develop as many unique products as possible for our product range. These products can be recognised by the Burgers' Zoo logo or label attached to them. These unique products are designed and manufactured in-house. For example, we have our own line of plush animals that we produce in close cooperation with biologists and zookeepers; organic, handmade soaps with ingredients that grow in our Bush; and bags made of 100% recycled PET. Our product range changes regularly.

Products with a story

We want to offer products with a story. Sustainability is important in the choices we make, and we also pay attention to the conditions under which the products are made. We thoroughly examine the price-quality ratio of our plush toys, and we only offer animals that also live in our park.

For toys, we look for a good spread across all price ranges, prioritising longer-lasting products, as they are a more sustainable purchase. In our range of books, we focus on the target group and educational value. In addition to toys, we also offer "gifts" such as jewellery and soapstone figurines which we import directly from Kenya to ensure that the creators receive a fair price for their product.