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Kids in the park

Everything for children inside and outside Burgers' Zoo



Burgers’ Avonturenland is a large, modern playground surrounded by a terrace. The Park Restaurant with Dutch cuisine and Panter Plaza distribution points is located next to Burgers’ Avonturenland, allowing parents to enjoy a cup of coffee and cake or a meal, while the children run around in the climbing area with rope bridges, slides and swings. The playground is split into two areas: a safe play area for young children and a separate play area for older children. Since 2012, there is also an indoor play area, the Kids Jungle.

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Exiting Tours

Exiting Tours

Do you have a lot of questions about our animals and are you planning to visit our park? We have been offering guided tours round Burgers' Zoo. A small fee is requested for these tours.

The guides have been specially trained. As there is a large demand for the tours, it is advisable to submit a request for a group tour well in advance. 

Guided tours
Burgers' Zoo Snapshot

Burgers' Zoo Snapshot

Are you ready for an exciting and vivid adventure? With Burgers’ Zoo Snapshot, you will quite literally be thrown to the lions! Your mission is to take the best animal photos in a 360-degree world for a photo exhibition. Can you photograph the blacktip reefshark swimming underwater in the Ocean? Are you courageous enough to photograph a Sumatran tiger coming straight at you? If this is you, don’t hesitate; get to work right away! 

Download Burgers' Zoo Snapshot

Treasure hunts

Burgers’ Zoo has designed a treasure hunt for children of different age groups. You can download and print it for free here. This treasure hunt encourage the children to think about things playfully. This treasure hunt is interactive so that the children need to watch the animals closely before they can answer the questions. 


For the creative ones among us, we have a number of Burgers' Zoo coloring pages that you can download.

Download the colorings here