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Important pillar

Important pillar

Education is one of our main goals. As described in our mission statement, we strive to ‘let as many people as possible experience the wonders of nature. Together with nature, we want to inspire people, teach people, influence their behaviour where possible and allow them to enjoy everything that nature has to give.’

Education plays a particularly significant role in teaching people and influencing their behaviour. We hope that after visiting our zoo, people are not only enthused about animals and nature but that we have substantially influenced their behaviour towards animals and nature. In the perfect world, all our visitors are actively committed to nature conservation.


Knowledge through experience

Firstly, we want visitors to have a very personal experience with animals and nature. By letting visitors discover the tropical rainforest, the rock desert or the coral reef, they experience the beauty of animals and nature with all their senses. Then, secondly, we try to provide them with extra information through guided tours, lectures and the many other means mentioned on this page.

Something for everyone

Naturally, when it comes to education, children are an important target group, but so are adults. We offer educational programs at various levels, and we provide institutions that consciously seek more in-depth knowledge, such as universities, other educational institutions or corporations, a fully customised educational program.

Educational displays throughout the zoo

There are various types of educational displays located throughout our zoo. These displays give our visitors additional information about the animals they can admire. During your visit, you can come across informational boards on species or themed signposts, temporary displays and exhibition booths!  

Burgers' Zoo Snapshot

Learn all about the animals and eco-displays in our zoo by playing this game from the comfort of your own home. Find out where the animals live and what the eco-displays look like.

Zoo Guidebook

The Zoo Guidebook gives you more in-depth information about our animals and eco-displays. Each chapter ends with a ‘Behind the Scenes’ page in which we explain what is going on in the areas that are not accessible to the public.

Educational events during school holidays

During all the school breaks throughout the year, Burgers’ Zoo organises educational activities at the zoo. Depending on the event, we offer different types of educational experiences. During Pasar Malam, for example, guides will tell you all about the safari animals that are kept indoors in winter.

Guides and information stands

During your visit to the zoo, you will come across guides and information stands throughout the zoo. The use of props makes the guides more approachable and allows visitors the opportunity to talk to an expert. For example, our Mangrove guides use a scale model to explain all about the horseshoe crab.

Treasure hunts

For children who want to experience the park more actively, we offer treasure hunts. On our website, you can print out the treasure hunts for different age groups. The treasure hunts take place in various locations throughout the zoo. Children can playfully learn all about animals!

Kids’ club

The Kinderclub (Kids' club) is a club of enthusiastic young fans of Burgers' Zoo. The kids' clubs are small groups of children who meet regularly throughout the school year. During each meeting, the children learn all about animals and nature.

Children’s lectures

Six times a year, young and enthusiastic children with an annual subscription can go to a children’s lecture where they learn all about specific topics, such as endangered bird species or feeding the zoo animals. The children’s lectures take place in the Safari Meeting Centre.

Hosted family activity

We offer organised family activities at our zoo. If booked in advance, subscription holders can request a guide. The guide will host a guided tour or give a workshop.


Subscription holders receive ZieZoo, Burgers’ Zoo’s magazine, free of charge six times a year. Each issue of ZieZoo contains all the latest news and information on animals, plants, developments at the zoo, new research and nature preservation.

Kids & Zoo

Our younger subscription holders receive Kids & Zoo, a free kids’ magazine, six times a year. This magazine for is full of informative information about the animals in our park.

Winter evening lectures

Our winter evening lectures take place in the Safari Meeting Centre and are mainly aimed at our subscription holders. Speakers include in-house and external experts on specific topics.

Themed walks

We offer our subscription holders themed walks, which allow them to experience the zoo from a completely different perspective! A themed walk will teach you even more about our zoo. If you do not wish to have a tour guide, you can opt for a themed walk map.


Combine your company outing with flora and fauna and choose to have a talk and/or presentation. Many of our zoo employees are experienced lecturers, which allows us to educate people on animals, zoos and nature.


The skin of a shark, the leadership skills of gorillas and the teamwork seen in meerkats are just a few examples of how nature can be an inspiration for your organisation.


Together with a guide you will carry out assignments in small teams. The assignments focus on animal management and research. Workshops are a fun way to interact in groups during your business event.

Online lesson plans for primary schools

Please take a look at our online lesson plans to learn more about the animal kingdom! Burgers' Zoo has designed new and interactive lesson plans for use in schools. Teachers can implement our lesson plans into their classes and give children an educational and interactive experience.

An expert in class

Would you like a zoo expert to host your class? Our guides can teach a primary schools class using PowerPoints and artefacts. This session is the ideal preparation for a school trip.

A lesson on location

Our zoo employees will incidentally teach a class on-site at the zoo. By offering to teach on the spot, knowledge is shared with parties we want to collaborate with.


Worksheets and/or assignments

We have several worksheets and assignment books for secondary education. The sheets and/or assignment cover themes that fit well with the vision and mission of Burgers’ Zoo. Combining our worksheets/assignments and the world of zoos has added value for educational excursions.