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Entrance tickets

0 to 3 year FREE
kids 4 to 9 year €21.50
adult €24.00


adult €22,00 p.p.
kids 4 to 9 year €20,50 p.p.
0 to 3 year Free

These group prices apply from 20 people. To make use of this, you must contact the reception. 

Order Tickets

Buy tickets online: no more waiting at the cash desk, € 1 discount per person and environmentally conscious!

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Annual subscriptions

With an annual pass (starting from 55.50 euro) you can visit Burgers' Zoo all throughout the year and on top of that you can profit from all kinds of attractive deals.

You are entitled to a discounted admission price to zoological gardens that are members of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Dierentuinen.

You can order an annual subscription at the entrance of Burgers' Zoo.



Burgers’ Zoo has a large car park next to the main entrance, only a short walk to the zoo. The car park has many disabled parking spaces. You can purchase your ticket for exiting the car park after your visit at the ticket booth upon arrival. A parking ticket costs €6,50. 

There is a charging station for electric cars in the parking lot. We work according to the “first come, first charge” principle. You need a card to use the charging station.

Combi-cards with the Dutch Open Air Museum

You currently can buy a combi-card for Burgers' Zoo and the Dutch Open Air Museum only at the cash registers of either Burgers' Zoo or the Dutch Open Air Museum. With this combi-card you may visit both parks once within five days. Say you visit Burgers' Zoo today, then you will have four extra days after today to visit the Dutch Open Air Museum also.

Combi-card adults €37.00 
Combi-card kids €33.00

Important information

In our park we take various measures to guarantee the appropriate distance of 1.5 meters. For example, we use a maximum number of visitors per day. In order to safeguard this maximum, it is necessary that all visitors (including subscribers) reserve online access to the park in advance.

Due to the new measures, Burgers' Zoo will be closed from 5 to 18 November.