CSFI Shipstern, Belize

CSFI Shipstern, Belize

Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI) is an independent non-profit organisation. In 1989 the Shipstern Nature Reserve was founded by the International Tropical Conservation Foundation (ITCF), a non-profit organisation that is managed by the Royal Burgers’ Zoo and Papiliorama Zoo (Switzerland). In 2012 the Shipstern Nature Reserve was renamed CSFI.


Belize has an all-embracing system of protected areas, some of which are well protected, other are only protected on paper. The government concluded treaties of cooperation with non-governmental organisations for the collective management of a number of these protected areas. Like this, together with the Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI) created by ITCF, it founded a Trust to manage the Shipstern Nature Reserve and other protected areas.




ITCF’s target is to not have any additional costs or to limit the costs to an absolute minimum (less than 3%). Administrative costs, fund-raising and coordination are covered by Burgers' Zoo and Papiliorama. This allows ITCF to give all individual supporters the guarantee that their donations are used for the specific goal for 100%. Since 1989 the Shipstern Nature Reserve in North-East Belize (C.A.) has been the first and foremost project for ITCF. In the meantime this project has developed into a large regional nature conservation program.

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