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EAZA Zoo Horticulture Conference 2024

Planting artificial zoo environments

Join us at the EAZA Zoo Horticulture Conference 2024 from June 24th to 27th at Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Engage with experts, share insights, and discover innovative approaches about the topic of planting artificial zoo environments. Sign up now to secure your spot! 

Your registration includes three days of park access, free parking at the park, and access to the workshops and lectures. Please note that overnight stay is not included.

Price: €300,- per person
Date: 24-27 June
Location: Burgers' Zoo, Antoon van Hooffplein 1,
6816 SH Arnhem, Neterherlands

Conference Programme

24 june, Icebreaker at the Zoo

25 june, Creating and management of planted zoo landscapes

  • Plants, David Sutton (Horticulture Director Port Lympne & Howletts)
  • A walk and talk, Simon Klingen (Tree Expert)
  • Plants and animals together, Christiaan Luttenberg (Head Zoo Keeper Bush Desert Royal Burgers’ Zoo)
  • Walk, Talk and Discussion through the Zoo, Stef van Campen (Landscape Designer Royal Burgers’ Zoo)
  • And more…

26 june, Managing plants in artificial zoo environments 

  • Vegetations vs Plant Borders, creating natural landscapes, Stef van Campen (Landscape Designer Royal Burgers’ Zoo)
  • New insights in LED lighting, interactive session, Robert Koch (owner LEDX)
  • Planting Reptile & Amphibian House, Sven Seiffert (Plant Curator Zoological Society of London) 
  • News from the Zoo’s
  • And more…

27 june, Excursion to food forest Ketelbroek

This is a provisional programme. We have a few slots available for talks. If you would like to give a presentation that is relevant to the respective daily themes, please contact Stef van Campen at s.vancampen@burgerszoo.nl 

Looking for a place to sleep?

Looking for a place to sleep?

We can recommended the following places. Please book in advance.

Hostel Stayokay Arnhem

(close to Burgers’ Zoo, dorms and the expected costs are around €100,-)

Hotel Ibis Arnhem

(in the city centre, expected costs around €350,-)

 Both places have good public transport to the zoo.