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Coral Husbandry Book

Coral reefs are endangered due to a.o. pollution, over fishing, destructive fishing, coral quarrying and global warming. Within aquaria the opposite is happening: modern techniques, increasing knowledge and skills improve the quality of live coral reef displays and coral survival. Doors are opened towards coral culture and coral reef restoration.

Corals have been kept in aquariums for hundreds of years. However, only in the last few decades coral husbandry has developed as a science, and technological advances have enabled aquarists to install and maintain environmental parameters essential for keeping corals in closed systems alive and thriving.

Aquarium hobbyists have played an important part in this development. They share with scientists and public aquarium managers and aquarists an awareness of the importance to learn as much as possible about corals and apply this to the conservation of natural coral reefs.

Table of content

Section 1: Animal Husbandry and system management
Section 2: Coral exhibit design and large exhibits
Section 3: Population management
Section 4: Conservation and transportation
Section 5: Taxonomy

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