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Booking in advance

Burgers’ Zoo is a large zoo, spanning 45 hectares. The size, combined with the width of the paths, gives you ample space to keep enough distance. To make your visit safe and responsible, we will continue to limit the maximum number of daily visitors. To achieve and regulate that, we have set up a booking system. All visitors with a ticket or discount coupon must book a timeslot in our online booking system before their visit and bring confirmation when they visit.

Season ticket holders

After 25 September, season ticket holders are no longer required to book in advance. We have allowed for a steady stream of season ticket holders in our calculations. You can pass through the gates with a valid season ticket.

Online ticket sales

If you do not have an entrance ticket to our park, you must purchase one online. Parking tickets must also be purchased online. If you have a discount code or voucher and cannot purchase your ticket online, you can purchase a discounted ticket at our ticket booth at the entrance. If you already have a ticket or voucher, you can book your time of arrival here. You can also order your parking ticket here.

What to bring for your visit

What to bring for your visit

All visitors (also season ticket holders) must bring the following with them on the day of their visit:

  1. Entrance ticket or valid season ticket;
  2. Parking ticket purchased online or valid season parking ticket (if arriving by car);
  3. A timeslot booking confirmation for each person. This does not apply to season ticket holders.

Without these items, you will not be admitted to the zoo.

Two guarantees

Two guarantees

Facilitating a safe and worry-free day out is essential to us. To this end, we are offering two guarantees.

  1. We will provide sufficient, clear information available in the form of understandable instructions and signage.
  2. We will take additional hygiene measures.
What else does this mean for you as a visitor?

What else does this mean for you as a visitor?

Some areas of the zoo look a bit different, which may take some getting used to. For example, some paths have become one-way only, and extra hygiene measures have been taken. Regulating the number of visitors allowed into the zoo also requires some flexibility on your part. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Please also observe the travel and safety regulations of your country of residence when making your travel plans.