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The largest indoor mangrove in the world

The largest indoor mangrove in the world

With a surface area of 3,000 square meters, visitors venture into the largest indoor mangrove in the world. From the beach bordering a Belizean town square, the mysterious world that is the mangrove calls. Further inland, the mangrove forest slowly transforms into a tropical dry forest, where hundreds of butterflies in all shapes, sizes, and colours are dancing in the air.

Manatees swimming past a panoramic window

Manatees swimming past a panoramic window

The journey through the mangrove starts at a bridge. Only few plant species can survive this extremely salty climate, where the living circumstances change with the tide. Suddenly visitors are standing face-to-face with a Caribbean manatee, thanks to a giant, 12 m long by 1.8 m tall panoramic window. With a bit of luck, the manatees will swim right past the window.

Mud plane and fiddler crabs

When the tide rolls out, the mud plane comes to life! Fiddler crabs rush out from safety to collect food or to impress females and rivals with their imposing claws.


Inspired by our nature reserve in Belize

Inspired by our nature reserve in Belize

The mangrove in Burgers’ Zoo is based on the mangrove forests located in Belize in Central America. Mangroves are often called the nurseries of the sea. Many fish species are born there, find shelter between the roots as juveniles, and move into the open ocean as adults.


Help us protect the mangrove forests in Belize

Unfortunately, large areas of mangroves are disappearing. This while mangroves are essential to nature. We are committed to protecting this vulnerable nature reserve. That is why we have been protecting a 235 square kilometres nature reserve in Belize for nearly 30 years.

Follow the construction of the Mangrove

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In our park we take various measures to guarantee the appropriate distance of 1.5 meters. For example, we use a maximum number of visitors per day. In order to safeguard this maximum, it is necessary that all visitors (including subscribers) reserve online access to the park in advance.

Due to the new measures, Burgers' Zoo will be closed from 5 to 18 November.