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We look forward to seeing you at Burgers’ Zoo!

In just one day you will meet great apes in the Park, go on Safari in the African Savannah, wander through the tropical rainforest of the Bush, cross the American rock desert in the Desert, stand face-to-face with tigers in the Asian Rimba, dive into the tropical coral sea full of sharks in the Ocean, and discover the largest covered Mangrove in the world.

And now?

Your digital ticket can be scanned directly from your mobile phone. Upon arrival at Burgers' Zoo, you can walk straight through to the entrance gates. You can also print your ticket on A6 size

What to bring for your visit

All visitors (including season pass holders) must bring the following with them on the day of their visit:

What to bring

  1. Entrance ticket or valid season pass
  2. Parking ticket purchased online or valid season parking ticket (if arriving by car)
  3. The timeslot booking confirmation for each member of your party.
Getting to our zoo

Getting to our zoo

If you are travelling to Burgers’ Zoo by car or public transport, our route page provides directions to the zoo, as well as information about parking, charging electric cars and cycling.

Getting to our zoo
Set the mood

Set the mood

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