What happened?

Ticketcounter, our online ticket provider, officially announced a personal data breach due to human error in their organisation. The breach concerns the personal data of people who purchased tickets from us online or booked through Ticketcounter's system between 19 June 2017 and 4 August 2020.

What did Ticketcounter do when the news was announced?

Ticketcounter immediately made every effort to trace the leak. It was discovered and immediately resolved. The problem has been permanently solved, and no further action is required in that respect. Ticketcounter has informed all its customers and filed a report with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If you have any further questions about this, you should contact Ticketcounter via +31 10 751 64 00 or info@ticketcounter.nl.

What data is involved?

The breach concerns at least six-month-old personal data from people who purchased tickets or booked online between 19 June 2017 and 4 August 2020. To find out whether your data has been leaked and, if so, what data is compromised, click here. No phone numbers, birth dates, passwords, passport photos or credit card information were compromised. You do not need to reset any accounts or worry about unauthorised access to your bank account. These are not affected.

What can be done with the data?

There is no immediate danger. We advise you to be extra alert for so-called phishing activities. A hacker could, for example, pretend to be an employee of a bank and use your data to prove that they are "really from the bank". We explicitly emphasise that Royal Burgers' Zoo, Ticketcounter or your bank will never ask you for your PIN, transfers of money to other accounts or other confidential financial actions by phone, email, app or any other means. If you receive such a suspicious message, always contact the relevant organisation using the regular contact details provided by said organisation.

How much of my information was leaked?

Enter your email address here to receive an email with precise information about how you are affected. This information will be sent exclusively by email.

Can I have my data removed from the systems immediately?

Yes, you can. Please send an email to info@ticketcounter.nl, and they will remove the data from the system per the GDPR guidelines.

What did Burgers' Zoo do when the news was announced?

Burgers' Zoo immediately sent an email with more information to all the people affected.

I am a season ticket holder at Burgers' Zoo. Has my data been leaked as well?

Data from our subscription system was not leaked. However, the leak did involve data submitted when booking a time slot before 4 August 2020. You can check whether you are affected here.