Chimpanzees pull drone out of the air and film each other!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

In the morning of Friday, April 10, 2015, the chimpanzees of Royal Burgers' Zoo once again proved how intelligent they are. Today, for the second season of the national television program Burgers' Zoo Natuurlijk, film takes were planned with a drone, with which spectacular images of the animals and their habitats could be made from above. Once the drone arrived at the chimpanzee quarters the intelligent primates immediately discovered the spying little plane and right away armed themselves with long sticks against this inquisitive electronic intruder.

One of the chimpanzees was high up in a tree with a long branch. Apparently very calm and satisfied, half asleep in the morning sun, the primate let the drone make its curious images. Until..... the drone got just a bit too close. Like a flash the chimpanzee struck out with the long stick she had held hidden behind her body. With a direct hit the animal knocked the drone to the ground, where the group of primates quickly overpowered the 'prey'. With much enjoyment they very efficiently dismantled the play thing. During the entire moment of action the camera kept rolling, so despite the completely destroyed drone this still provided some very special images!

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